Frequently Asked Questions

Which firms are eligible to be listed on AccountingGo?
We analyze publicly available data and look for firms that meet the following criteria:
• Be a firm providing bookkeeping, accounting, or advisory services such as tax, attestation, financial planning, SEC reporting, accounting software consulting, forensic accounting, etc.
• Be owned at least partially by a CPA.
As of now, we are highlighting firms formed within the past three years. If your firm was formed prior to 2018, please contact us for future listing.

Does a listed firm need to hold a CPA license?
The firm does not need to hold a CPA license, just at least one of the owners does.

My firm meets all the criteria, but isn’t on your list; how can my firm be listed on AccountingGo?
We’d love to hear from you. Please email .

If a firm offers tax services but none of its owners are a CPA, would it be eligible for listing?
No. We only list firms that are owned at least  partially by a CPA.

I am a CPA, but my partners are not CPAs. We are financial advisors. Would our firm be eligible for listing? 
Yes. As long as at least one of the firm owners is a CPA, the firm would be eligible for listing.

I recently acquired a book of business and put it under a new name. Would my firm be eligible for listing?
Yes, if your firm was formed within the past three years.

My firm is listed on AccountingGo with basic information, how can I update my listing with my firm’s logo, specialty, or testimonials, etc.?
We’d love to learn more about you and add relevant information to your listing. Please send us an email.

Are there hidden costs for use or being listed on this platform?
Absolutely not! It is completely Free!

However, if you see the value in AccountingGo and would like to support us, we are happy to accept a “Pay What You Want” payment. Please email, and one of our team members will reach out to provide you with payment instructions and receipt.

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