Andrew P. Dragotto CPA, P.C.

Working in public accounting the past several years, including Big 4 accounting experience, Andrew has noticed that the typical small business owner struggles to find sound tax advice. Over the years, he has developed a burning passion for helping small business owners mitigate taxes and build wealth, stay compliant, and save time from having to do accounting functions. Our firm focuses on these three elements by providing a one-stop shop for bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. What separates our firm from the traditional tax firm is that we are one-stop shop outsourced accounting firm providing all of your tax and accounting needs. The typical tax firm is doing hundreds to thousands of tax returns during tax season and is simply too busy to provide pro-active tax planning strategies. There is more to to tax services than simply inserting numbers on a return once per year. We focus on serving small business clients and their owners in order to have the time to provide cutting-edge tax planning and wealth building strategies. As taxes are our single biggest expense in life, we believe that keeping your taxes down to the legal minimum is absolutely critical to achieving financial independence.

Updated from firm's website on 03/31/2022.