Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC

Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC focuses on small business. The nature of a small business requires an owner to fully participate in all aspects of the business at all times. For this reason, we strive to support the small business owner in a multi-faceted approach (including the use of technology, systems efficiency, organizational operations, and informative reporting) for the purpose of bringing more time to the owner in a day. Accounting is not only a fundamental piece of the business, but it also drives processes - how are payments collected from customers? how are bills paid? how are employees paid? These elements (and more) effect how an owner sets up the foundations of the business, no matter if the business is a single home-based business, a brick and mortar retail store/restaurant or client-service based.  A partnership with Stonybrook will provide a small business owner with unwavering support and expertise to grow as well as give the owner the confidence that the business is operating efficiently.

Updated from firm website 12/9/20